Why Beachbody will work


When I began my weight loss journey in 2010, I did the whole counting calories but had a mindset that the less I ate the quicker I would lose it. I wanted a quick fix. I was 39 years old and been overweight (obese) for 20+ years, why  in the world did I think I could quick fix this? Well excessively limiting my calories put my body in starvation and me in frustration mode! Never been there right? My cousin called me  on the carpet and got me hooked up with Weight Watchers (old program). I learned the basics and followed the program and lost 20  pounds. I am so grateful for the knowledge they gave me. I spent 2011 fighting my Thyroid and am happy to say that I won that battle. I found Beach Body and fell in Love. I love the personal coach who encourages me and walks with me along the journey. I love the meal planning and grocery lists I get in Club membership.  At $12.99 monthly, so much cheaper than what I was paying at Weight Watchers. I LOVE being able to exercise in my home and getting support through my challenge group who encourage me and keep me accountable. I love going to the gym to do water aerobics for my joints. (ok this single girl is also fishing at the gym)

so is it for you?

Exercising at home (no having to change clothes at the gym in front of people)

no feeling overwhelmed at the equipment on the gym floor ( I have stalked people to figure out what the equipment does)

Nutrition plan you can customize

Personal coach

accountability partners just like you to encourage you along the journey!

if you answered YES then lets talk


Can’t wait for you to join my team and walk along the journey with you!


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