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Top 3 reasons people say they can’t lose weight

#1 excuse: Healthy food is expensive 1.) Nope 🙂 If you eat 100% according to the healthy meal plan that comes with any of Beachbody’s workouts, you’ll save about $50 a week for a family of 4 ($200 a month). … Continue reading

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I am not that woman

the picture on the left was around 8 years ago. that woman I hardley recognize. She was miserable and really couldn’t live the life she wanted. The picture on the right was taken in December. In between these pictures were … Continue reading

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Not there yet!

Sometimes we lose focus on just how far we have come. yesterday a friend was telling us on facebook that she had walked her slowest 3.5 mile walk ever. She was upset. I quickly reminded her that 6 months ago … Continue reading

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