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Top 3 reasons people say they can’t lose weight

#1 excuse: Healthy food is expensive 1.) Nope 🙂 If you eat 100% according to the healthy meal plan that comes with any of Beachbody’s workouts, you’ll save about $50 a week for a family of 4 ($200 a month). … Continue reading

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What I know!

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Accountability groups: Losing weight with support

Challenge groups work. when people wanting to lose weight or get stronger do it together, you are 3x more likely to succeed. We have seen some great success stories already. You don’t want to miss this and wish a year … Continue reading

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I am not that woman

the picture on the left was around 8 years ago. that woman I hardley recognize. She was miserable and really couldn’t live the life she wanted. The picture on the right was taken in December. In between these pictures were … Continue reading

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Beachbody Challenge packs: change your life today!

It’s JULY & that means CHALLENGE TIME! Time to FINALLY get moving on those goals that you have set for yourself.   Fitness + Shakeology + Accountability = Success. THIS is where I come in. 🙂 As your coach, it … Continue reading

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