Believing in the process


Sometimes it’s so easy to grow weary in the journey. Making great choices daily is tiring. life gets in the way and our ourside committments of work, family, kids, social activities get the best of us and we don’t stop for a second and rest.

God gave us the Sabbath as a day of rest but for many of us, it’s a day to stuff more errands, get more things done. Have you had weeks of non stop activity? How do you feel at the end of those weeks? For  me I become weary, My sleep is normally off, I am tired of everyone’s demands and needs and am honestly grouchy. I have found myself weary in those moments.

when I become weary, my meal planning goes out the window and my will power is nill. The solution: take time to rest. Find moments for myself and design my life to have a day of  rest.

Do you have a day weekly for rest? You Must rest and recharge! If you don’t you will derail. Be purposeful in this journey. You can do this!

If you are weary, find a moment to recharge and find the plan that works and remember your why. You can do this!

i am inviting women to join me on a 6 week journey starting 6/30 using slim in 6 to change our lives. Exercise + encouragement through a websinar  and coaching! Join the journey with me! Email me for more info!

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