May 4, 2006, the journey of a lifetime

May 4, 2006 started like any other day. I had moved to austin TX in Feb and on 5/4 went to work and was able to leave work a few minutes early. As I sat at a light, a lady rearended me. I honestly don’t remember anything about the impact but a huge explosion. I am grateful that part of my memory has never come back. I remember waking up to smoke in the car and panicked. I immediately did everything in my power to get out of the car with no regard for my safety (come to find out when airbags go off they smoke)

I got out of the car and knew that it wasn’t good. My trunk of my Sentra was in my backseat and I had hit a car in front of me from being hit so hard. Panic  set in BUT God…the ladies I hit immediately had me sit down and prayed with me. Still blows my mind today.

I had burns from the airbag but no broken bones or nose even though my glasses were twisted and in my backseat. The ladies in the car in front of me called my office to get a coworker and the ambulance was called. I remember sitting in the restaurant which was beside the wreck and  being so afriad and in shock I realize now. The EMT’s kept starring at me asking me if I had been in the Sentra…Yep that was me!

My coworker took me home but EMS said to keep a good eye on me due to blacking out and they figured I was going to wake up hurting like crap when my shock finally wore off…Oh they were right. I was black and blue from airbags, seat belts, had glass embedded in my hair.

Within weeks we knew that my right ankle and left knee (brake/clutch) had suffered cartilage damage and most of the cartilage was gone. in 3 years I underwent 5 surgeries and 3 of the surgeries were done here in GA. Looking back now God was up to some things in my life.

I was having PTSD from the wreck and God brought an AMAZING christian couselor into my life who helped me find me. The hardest journey I have went through but worth every second to be happy and free from the the junk satan had used for some many years to keep me from living life to the fullest.

secondly, God brought a surgeon from Atlanta and his crew and began to sow into my life. Dr. Gillogly forever changed my life. He got me  out of a walking boot I had been in for 2 years and gave me hope which I had so lost. He, Elizabeth and Kate and that entire team have taken me under their wings and given me a passion for health and wellness and to push myself past limits that I never thought I would be able to.  I am forever grateful to them and respect  them greatly.

May 4, 2006 was a day that satan meant for my harm BUT God promised me minutes after the wreck that ALL things work together for my good because HE loves me and because I am called according to HIS purpose.

Whatever you are going through today, let this be a day of ressurection, may it be a BUT GOD day!

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