May fitness challenge with FREE DVD





any group of 8 or more who sign up for Club membership receive  a FREE DVD (Great body Guaranteed: Each move targets a specific zone to tighten and tone in under 10 minutes a day. With trainers Tony Horton and Debbie Siebers.)

Groups can consist of co-workers, friends, neighbors or friends on social media

1. Every member pledges to exercise 5-6 days a week using Beach Body DVD of their choice or any exercise regimen they choose

2. Each member logs food into their Club Membership ($2.99 weekly)


10% off any fitness program/gear or supplement

Customizable Meal Planner including grocery list

60 min on line exercise video

Trainer tips/Videos

VIP chat rooms

Nutrition tools

Access to WOWY supergym where logging your workouts can earn you $ or prices!

Personal Team Beachbody Coach

Workout buddies to keep you motivated


Community message board

3. Meet weekly as a group or in the cyber world on Facebook (a FB group is a great way to support each other along the way) and share how their week went and if they gained or lost for the week. Also  a great way to get support and suggestions.

To make the competition a little more fun, have each member bring a $10 gift card to the first meeting or mail it to the leader and the person who loses the largest percentage of weight at the end of the month wins all the gift cards (or divide them up and give top 3 prizes).

DVD’s and Club memberships can be purchased at

I would love to be added to the Facebook group to encourage each of the members along the journey or I can set up a private Facebook group for the members!

Connie Terry

Independent Beach Body Coach

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