Reaping what we sow

the Bible promises us that we will reap what we sow. I completely believe that is so true on this weight loss journey. If my lunch consists of a hamburger/large fries and a large regular coke  from any fast food joint we will reap a body that is heavier and unhealthy. It’s about making great choices. I had a friend tell someone she was coaching that if we exercise 95% of the time and eat healthy 95% of the time…we will see results. I definitely have my 5% of treats (cupcakes and pizza) but I am putting in the 90-95% time of making healthy choices and I am seeing the results. My goal is ONEderland. Anyone know what I am talking about?? I am SICK of the 200’s and I am heading towards the 100’s (ONEderland). How about you? be honest with yourself…what percentage of the time are you making healthy choices. let’s work together to move that to the 90-95%.  contact me at if you want support and resources to reach a healthier you!

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