When we don’t see progress

I have had a month or two of staring into the mirror and knowing that I have done all I could do to lose weight. We know the  steps we need to take:

gym: yes 5-6 days a week

Nutrition: yes (with my treat once a week)

Positive self talk: yes (ok, most of the time)

Why then does that number on the scale not change. The lies of the enemy tell me that I will never be healthy/skinny, I should just give up now because  I don’t see the number moving and oh yes the best lie…you have always been fat and  you always will.

I have been reminded alot lately about the cloud of witnesses in heaven who are cheering us on. I can imagine my uncle and grandmother up there cheering me on screaming truth at me.  My grandmother is probaly shaking her finger at me telling me don’t you dare listen to the enemy..If God is for you granddaughter then WHO can be against you.

I see changes in how my clothes fit, in my self esteem, and random HOT guys flirting so the # may not be where I want it  to be but me and my cloud of witnesses are moving forward in this journey to the prize I know waits for me.

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